Terms and conditions of the website

  1. General provisions

  2. Regulations, sets out the rules for the operation and use of the Site, and defines the rights and obligations of Service Recipients and Service Provider related to the use of the Site.


  1. The content of this site, including images, text and data, is protected by copyright. Copying this site or any part of it without written permission is prohibited.


  1. The owner of the site has made every effort to create this site. The owner cannot be held responsible for any misleading information, errors or outdated information.

  2. The site accepts no responsibility for failure to provide complete and error-free information. The site cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages that may occur as a result of using this site or the information appearing on it. This provision also applies to the time of updating the site.

Personal information

  1. Storna will not provide your name and/or email address to third parties without prior written consent.

  2. The site may collect names and/or e-mail addresses in a database and use them in future actions: marketing, promotional or other marketing activities.


  1. In order to ensure the safety of the Service Provider, the Service Recipient and other Service Recipients using the Site, all Service Recipients using the Site should follow generally accepted network security rules,

  2. Activities performed personally by Service Recipients or using oprorgamming are prohibited:

    • without written permission, decompiling and analyzing the source code,

    • without written permission, causing excessive load on the Service server,

    • without written consent, attempting to detect vulnerabilities in the Service's security and server configuration,

    • attempting to upload or inject code, scripts and software into the server and into the database that may cause damage to the Site's software, other Service Recipients or the Service Provider,

    • attempt to upload or inject code, scripts and software on the server and in the database that may track or steal data of Service Recipients or Service Provider,

    • take any action aimed at damaging, blocking the operation of the Site or preventing the Site from fulfilling its purpose.

  3. In the event of detection of the existence or potential possibility of a Cyber Security incident or violation of RODO, Service Recipients should first report this to the Service Provider in order to quickly rectify the problem / threat and safeguard the interests of all Service Recipients.